Exponential project

The challenge was to have an in-depth understanding of realities inside the emerging middle-class segment in 6 emerging markets:

China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and
South Africa to find behavior patterns that will help us design breakfast solutions.

To achieve this, we develop:

⋅ Fieldwork in the six countries
⋅ In-depth interviews with consumers
⋅ Analysis of internal documents for each country
⋅ Interviews with experts in differents specialities

Masterbrand & Semiotics Project

The challenge was to learn about the best practices of Master Brands in emerging markets from the message of their content strategy to develop a Kellogg's Master Brand approach.

For that, we analyzed six food Master brands from 3 emerging markets (Mexico, Brazil, and India) focused on the emerging middle class, going over more than 90 pieces of communication through a semiotic analysis.

Illuminate Project

Hidden hunger is silent global problem that affects the struggling middle class in emerging market and alters development and performance, mainly in children


Make quality nutrition more affordable for more kids globally.

Take our kids portfolio beyond RTEC into more
occasions, broader forms.

Build and scale breakthrough kids nutrition
platforms focused on grain-based science.

Introduce food solutions to millennial parents in
EM that are tasty and healthy at the same.

To do this, we carried out:

2 field trips in two important emerging markets for the company: India and Mexico

3 strategic workshops

25 interviews with experts

4 sessions with 50 consumers

We analyzed more than 100 sources